Spatial Interventions






September 6

photo by Daniel Shea

First Fridays!
AIM Artist Screenings and Performances

EVENT: Friday, September 6, 6:00-10:00pm

Bronx Museum of the Arts
1040 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY 10456

Celebrate Bronx Calling: The Second AIM Biennial with video screenings and performances by AIM artists.

Performances by Katie Cercone in collaboration with Go! Push Pops & Untitled Queen, Alicia Grullon, and Alan and Michael Fleming.

Video screenings by Diana Shpungin, Pacifico Silano, Summer McCorkle, Freya Powell, Kant Smith, Nobutaka Aozaki, Raúl Gómez Valverde, Elisabeth Smolarz, Jenifer Wightman, Katie Cercone, Jacolby Satterwhite, Allison Wall, Sarada Rauch, Miya Ando, Matt Frieburghaus, Ellie Irons, Maša Bajc, Janne Höltermann, and Ka-Man Tse.

Bronx Calling features work by New York-area emerging artists who have participated in The Bronx Museum of the Arts Artist in the Marketplace (AIM) program in the last two years. Organized by Gabriel de Guzman, Wave Hill Curator of Visual Arts; Elizabeth M. Grady, guest curator; and Lia Zaaloff, Bronx Museum Curator, the exhibition is presented concurrently at The Bronx Museum, Wave Hill and 1285 Avenue of the Americas Art Gallery.

June 29

2 of a Kind
LVL3 Gallery
OPENING: 6-10pm, Saturday, June 29

ON VIEW: June 29 - July 21, 2013

LVL3 Gallery
1542 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622

2 of a kind is a group show consisting of eight pairs of collaborating artist. The exhibitions focus is to review the goals of the gallery through ideas of collaboration. The significance of collaboration lies in the process where two or more people work together to realize shared goals. Each pair of artists were asked to submit two collaborative pieces to be displayed during the exhibition. In addition to the work shown in the gallery, LVL3 will also be premiering a permanent mural installation on the back of the building by Chicago-based artists Ryan Travis Christian and Mike Paro; this mural was partially funded by the Covenant Project Grant. 2 of a kind looks at the rich history of the Chicago arts community and how it continues to be an innovative place for growth and creativity.

June 23

Bronx Calling: The Seciond AIM Biennial
Bronx Museum of the Arts
OPENING: 2-6pm, Sunday, June 23

ON VIEW: June 23 - September 8, 2013

The Bronx Museum of the Arts
1040 Grand Concourse at 165th St, Bronx, New York 10456

Bronx Calling: The Second AIM Biennial will feature the work of seventy-three emerging artists who participated in the Artist in the Marketplace (AIM) program (classes of 2012 and 2013). The exhibition will be presented at three locations and will be accompanied by a fully-illustrated catalogue. Organized by curators Gabriel de Guzman, Elizabeth M. Grady, and Lia Zaaloff.

June 14

GDBD presents: Weird Dude Energy
Heaven Gallery
OPENING: 7-10pm, Friday, June 14

ON VIEW: June 14 - July 7, 2013

Heaven Gallery
1550 North Milwaukee, Chicago Illinois 60622

WEIRD DUDE ENERGY is a survey of artist dudes who cultivate the intersection of elegance and Dudeliness. Coursing between the tiles of the weight room’s floor and pulling the foam through a beer bong’s tube there is an energy. In WEIRD DUDE ENERGY an unease transmits through the works like the dissonant proportions cursing the limbs of pubescent boys. Stained with the trauma of puberty WEIRD DUDE ENERGY strikes a balance between restraint and total release. GDBD is drawn to the complicated and embarrassing gestures of Dudehood. Bask in the glory of this Dudery and join GDBD in inviting the WEIRD DUDE ENERGY to wash over us like an enveloping mist of AXE. Can you abide?

June 10

Spatial Body
Rapid Pulse 2013 International Performance Art Festival
June 10, 2013

The Nigtingale
1084 N. Milwaukee, Chicago, IL 60642

This video screening is part of the 2013 Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival. Spatial Body includes work that explores the relationship between the body and environment, both natural and constructed. The performance videos can be seen as a direct response to the artists’ surroundings; the site ignites an action that creates an instant dialog between the body and space. Spatial Body features work by Michael & Alan Fleming, Synchrodogs, Nabi Nara, and Lionel Cruet.

May 4

May 1-4, 2013

Perfoming: May 4th, 11-6pm

Alan and Michael Fleming will present a series of architectural interventions using their bodies. Incorporating different bodily forms into the architectural facades of the Lower East Side, the artist duo will act as living ornaments on the surface of the building’s exterior. Through these various interventionist actions they hope to re-examine the body as object, structure, or support.

New Museum
235 Bowery
New York, NY 10002

April 20

CENTER, Milwaukee, WI

OPENING: April 20, 6-8pm

Milwaukee, WI

March 22

Beige, Memphis, TN

OPENING: March 22nd, 6-9pm

We are participating in an exhibition of performance scripts with a bunch of other great artists. Check it out!

173 St Agnes Place
Memphis, TN

March 1

March 1 - March 22, 2013

OPENING: March 1st, 6-9pm

Andy Cahill
Alan and Michael Fleming
Yasi Ghanbari
Danny Greene
Joe Grimm
Marissa Perel
Michael Vallera

Open by appointment only (contact:

NARS Foundation
88 35th Street, 3rd Floor (studio 317)
Brooklyn, NY 11232

February 2

Alan and Michael Fleming: S T U D I O   A U D I E N C E
February 2 - March 10, 2013

OPENING: February 2nd, 6-8pm

Cindy Rucker Gallery

Wednesday through Sunday
12pm - 6pm
and by appointment

Cindy Rucker Gallery
141 Attorney Street
New York, NY 10002

November 17

Terra Incognita: NARS International Artist Residency Exhibition
November 12 - December 9

Artist Talks: November 17, 4:30pm
Opening Reception: November 17, 6:00-8:00pm

New York Art Residency & Studios Foundation
88 35th Street, 3rd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11232

October 5-8

Our artwork has been featured on the SculptureCenter Tumblr!

September 14

Alan and Michael Fleming

September 14 - October 12, 2012
the ACTIVE Space
566 Johnson Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237

Opening Reception: Friday, September 14, 7-10pm
Open Hours: Friday – Sunday: 1-6pm or by appointment

June 23

LUMEN 2012
Art Festival in Staten Island

What: Live Performance
Where: Atlantic Salt Company, 561 Richmond Terrace Staten Island, NY 10301
When: 6:00PM-Midnight Saturday, June 23rd (We are performing from 6-8:30pm)

Directions: Take the Staten Island Ferry then use this LUMEN Map

LUMEN 2012 will feature video installations, new media projections, animation, performance art, art interventions, and sound art, organized by head curator Christopher Eamon.


Durational Works 6pm-12am:
-Mari Novotny-Jones and Cathy Vincevic from Mobius (Collaboration)
-Rob Andrews and Rishika
-John Bonafede
- “A House Unbuilt” Victoria Eleanor Bradford

Block A: 6pm-8:30pm:
-Creighton Baxter & Hayley Morgenstern (Collaboration)
-Alan and Michael Fleming
-Jessica Borusky
-Sindy Butz
-Celeste Welch
-Sandy Huckleberry
-Ryan Hawk

Block B: 8:30pm-10:30pm:
-Alien Moon Partnership
-Maia Dolphin-Krute & Bradley Tsalyuk (Collaboration)
-Sarah Hill
-Jane Jerardi
-Miao Jiaxin

Block C: 10:30pm-12:00pm
-Daviel Shy
-Phill Fryer
-Rebecca Jampol

(This Schedule is Subject to Change)

June 12

photo by Daniel Shea

CoWorker Projects Presents:
Alan and Michael Fleming

What: Video Screening
Where: ENTWINE, 765 Washington St, New York, NY
When: 7-11PM Tuesday, June 12th

Stop by Entwine for an evening video screening of our recent work. Stay for the basement wine bar and outdoor patio!

June 2-3

Bushwick Open Studios 2012
Alan and Michael Fleming's Studio
120 Waterbury Street, Brooklyn, NY (off the Grand stop on the L)
2-6pm, Saturday June 2nd and Sunday June 3rd

Stop by our studio during Bushwick open studios! We will be screening some videos and showing some of our recent work. Refreshments will be provided.

June 1

Movement Research Festival Spring 2012
165 W. 86th Street (West Park Presbyterian Church, corner of Amsterdam Avenue.)
6-9pm, Friday June 1st

*We will be performing a durational peice throughout the evening between other performance events*

"Bring on 2012 with its four horsemen and cult sacrifices. If this is the last of the great mortality myths, let’s push it to a real scorched earth explosion. We bring you a new spin on an old-school anthem: Push it. Real. Good. Reckoning with the end of the world-as-we-know-it, we are faced with the competing impulses of fight or flight. It’s time to push it past the limits of what we know and challenge our bodies and minds to test the boundaries of form and action. We’re in genre-bending terrain. Performance is happening everywhere, and as a result critical questions are emerging about the future of live work. What is the measurement of discipline and energy that is necessary for our work? How do we measure value in the midst of economic ruin? We have to keep pushing with and against these questions to keep going and keep making it happen. Listen up! We’re talking about aesthetic polyamory. We present dance, sound, writing, visual art, installation and video as autonomous forms with tendencies toward intermingling. Not just intermingling, but gettin’ up in it. Not just gettin’ up in it, but going hog wild. Push it. Real. Good."
-MR Festival Curators: Eleanor, Enrico, Marissa, Neal

April 21-May 5

Spatial Reasoning
Happy Collaborationists
1254 N Noble Chicago, IL 60642
April 21st-May 9th 2012


ACRE and HAPPY COLLABORATIONISTS are pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by Alan and Michael Fleming. Known for their physical and often playful approach to making art, in this exhibition the Flemings explore ways we relate to the world through our bodies. Using themselves as a tool for measurement and comparison, the work on display reveals a phenomenological investigation of space, place and experience.

This exhibition will include new photography and video work made by the Fleming brothers over the past year. Being shown for the first time in the United States, one of the central works on display for this exhibition is a video shot on location in Denmark. Returning to their embodied practice of relating to architectural spaces, the artists present us with a unique glimpse of various engagements with buildings and sites around Copenhagen. As an international hub for architecture and design, the city provides a dynamic backdrop for the Flemings’ performative interventions.

Alan and Michael Fleming are twin brothers who have been making art together over the past 7 years. They attended graduate school as a collaborative and each received an MFA in Studio from the Performance Department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2010. Their work ranges from performance, to video, to sculpture. Their recent solo exhibition, GAME ON, at threewalls presented a poignant and humorous body of work that the artists made while living apart for a year. In 2012 they were selected for the Artist in the Marketplace (AIM) Program at the Bronx Museum of the Arts and as a result their work will be included in the 2013 Bronx Biennial. Currently, they are both based in Brooklyn.

March 9-April 21


GAME ON, threewalls, Chicago, IL
March 9th-April 21st 2012



GAME ON is a solo exhibition of our collaborative work, which is part of the ThreewallsSOLO program. Part of the exhibition will be comprised of work that we made while living apart in two different cities for the past year (while Alan was living in New York and Michael was living in Chicago). These works include reflections on distance, communication, "psychic” games, material trace of collaboration, etc. and the rest of the exhibition will include new work that we have been making since reuniting in New York after our temporary hiatus.


Artist in the Marketplace, Bronx Museum of the Arts

We were selected to participate in the winter/spring 2012 session of AIM and as a result our work will be included in the 2013 Bronx Biennial.

"The Artist in the Marketplace (AIM) program was established in 1980 with the goals of providing networking opportunities for emerging artists residing in the New York metropolitan area and of introducing their work to a greater audience. Every year a panel of five arts professionals is assembled by the Bronx Museum to select thirty-six artists to participate in AIM. The program comprises a series of thirteen weekly seminars. AIM sessions are led by a faculty of specialists and address areas of practical concern to artists including: career management and gallery representation; exhibition and public art opportunities; grant writing, copyright law, and marketing. AIM culminates with a biannual exhibition organized by a team of guest curators, and an accompanying catalogue."

2011 RECAP

September 16-18

alt_cph11: ENCOUNTERS
The Factory of Art and Design
Sundholmsvej 46
2300 Copenhagen S

September 16-18, 2011
Opening Reception: Friday, September 16, 4-9 pm

"Independent exhibition spaces and self-organized organizations often operate as exchanging networks and interactive entities rather than established rooms – and leave the gallery. The fair will present initiatives concerned with the intersection of art, design and architecture spanning over participatory, location- and situation-specific projects. Alt_cph11 Encounters will focus on public space and the activity of the individual in the local environment in relation to the global.
The program will include presentations by all participants, projects and activities in the local environment around The Factory as well as debates and events questioning the relationship between space and action, art and life.

Our Schedule at the Fair:
We will have an exhibition booth on display for the duration of the art fair under the name Spatial Interventions.
Performance- "Objects and Extensions" 5:15pm, Friday, Sept 16th and 6:15pm, Saturday, Sept 17th
Lecture- "Spatial Interventions" 6:45pm, Saturday, Sept 17th


For the month of August we will be at the ACRE (Artists’ Cooperative Residency and Exhibitions) Residency.
Keep an eye out for our solo exhibition with ACRE in the coming year!

April 2-April 30

April 2 - April 30
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 2, 6-10 pm
1542 N. Milwaukee Ave, 3rd Floor Chicago, Illinois 60622

An exhibition dedicated to Kathryn Hixson (1955-2010)


Readings in memory of Kathryn Hixson
Sunday, April 10, 1-4pm

2010 RECAP


In December and January our work appeared on tv as part of ExTV on CANTV, more information below:



Here is a nice review of one of our works from "The Joke is Irresistible" Exhibition currently on view at the Sullivan Galleries. ArtSlant Review: "Welcome Back" by Abraham Ritchie

Also a brief mention in this Time Out Chicago review of the "Process in Product: Work from Summer Studio" Exhibition.
Time Out Chicago Review: "Process in Product" by Lauren Weinberg

August 28-October 16

The Joke is Irresistible

August 28–October 16
Reception: Friday, September 10, 4:30–7:00 p.m.
Sullivan Galleries, 33. S. State Street

"The Joke is Irresistible challenges various tropes of masculinity and the gendered gaze. By borrowing from the feminist tradition and applying the same tools to questions of masculinity, an area that remains largely unexplored in gender studies scholarship, some featured artists parody stereotypes of masculinity while others literalize them. All are serious considerations of what it means to engender masculinity in a way that broadens how we understand gendered associations in the world around us. Curated by Joe Iverson (MA 2011), curatorial assistant, Department of Exhibitions. Artists include: Christopher Bradley, Andy Cahill, Jason Conny, Anthony Creedin, Alan and Michael Fleming, Joe Grimm, Millie Kapp and Isabella Ng, Mik Kastner, and Janet Lin."

August 28–October 2
Reception: Friday, September 10, 4:30–7:00 p.m.
Sullivan Galleries, 33. S. State Street

"This exhibition features new work created by artists in Summer Studio—a residency program that turned the Sullivan Galleries into a site of making, and brought together artists Chicago and beyond into a temporary creative community. The studio offers artists a time to take stock of things a shift direction, carry out plans long dreamed about and make them real, and move through the sometimes circuitous modes of conversation and coexistence to find a personal path. Now invited to open their processes for public engagement, the outcomes—the products of their summer residency in Sullivan—are on view here."

August 28-October 16

Boomerang Space, Sharp Building, 37 South Wabash Avenue, Ground Floor
Curated by Becca Schlossberg

"This exhibition brings together artists who attempt to make material the complicated, fractured, or multiple identities of themselves or others. Their strategies test the potential of text, object, act, symbol, pattern etc. to render a coherent identity legible to the viewer, or to resolve or solidify their own identities in the process. Through varying approaches, these artists challenge the boundaries and possibilities of their chosen media, and their results suggest various conclusions to the question of how complex or unresolved identities are constructed in the process of making."

August 2-22

We were Artists-in-Residence at the Summer Studio Exhibition at the Sullivan Galleries until the end of August. We used this time to create new work, develop current projects and get to know the community of other artists working at the gallery for the summer. The work we created will be on display for the Product in Process: Work from Summer Studio Exhibition.

June 9-July 25

Alan attended the American Dance Festival in Durham, North Carolina this summer. He experienced dance companies from around the world, learned modern dance technique from the top teachers and choreographers, as well as crafted and performed his own choreography.

June 4

Objects and Extensions
Photo by Fran Roberts

We performed a piece titled Objects and Extensions at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago for their First Fridays Blowout Spectacular.

First Fridays Blowout Spectacular
6pm- Midnight
Friday, June 4th
VIP $50, MCA members $25,
nonmembers $35 or $30 in advance

May 20-31

believe don't
Photo by Ross Floyd

For the end of the month we went on tour performing Believe Don't conceptualized by Tom Albrecht. The performance took place in Chicago, New York and Las Vegas on the street unannounced.

April 30 and May 1-21

final statement
Photo by Daniel Shea

Graduate Exhibition at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Opening Reception: Friday, April 30, 2010, 8:00–10:00 p.m.
Exhibition runs May 1–21, 2010
Sullivan Galleries
33 S. State Street, 7th floor

Come out and see our new work at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's 2010 MFA Exhibition.

March 6, 7

We will be performing at the first weekend of DIRT: Land/Use festival. An amazing three weekends of performance, dance, readings and videos about how we shape the land and how the land shapes us. Curated by Deke Weaver.

DIRT: Land/Use
Saturday March 6, 7:30pm and Sunday March 7, 7:00pm
Links Hall, 3435 N. Sheffield Avenue, Suite 207
Chicago, IL 60657

Tickets $15 ($12 if you order online!)

February 28

"Feng Shui is an exhibition of new photography, performance and video work by Alan and Michael Fleming. This exhibition will explore themes of balance and harmony in the domestic setting. Feng Shui is part of a larger curatorial project initiated by Tang Zehui titled Artists and Residents."

Feng Shui
Opening reception 6-8pm, performance at 7 pm Sun. Feb. 28th
2620 W. Washington Blvd. unit 609, Chicago, IL 60612
Entrance on Talman Street, dial buzzer 075/Reilly

Artists and Residents is a series of art projects taking place at private homes in Chicago. As a critical response to the current proliferation of apartment galleries in Chicago, Artists and Residents intends to expand the "social circles" of apartment gallery without losing its sense of intimacy by having Chicago residents of various backgrounds and professions as the hosts for the projects. Through these exhibitions, the concept of apartment gallery is transformed from a fixed site associated with an artist or curator's home to a discursive arena, stretching over the city from Uptown to Hyde Park, from Lakeview to Garfield Park. Moreover, in these exhibitions there will not be any pre-made art to be brought to the house. Instead, all works will be conceptualized from the house in response to the space and the everyday life happening inside.

Feng Shui is on view until March 28th, by appointment by contacting Brittany:412-613-0993

2009 RECAP

December 12

We performed a response to Chryssa Tsampazi's piece IN OR OUT- A 25 Minute Activity With Children at the Betty Rymer Gallery for the Exhibition The Embedded Flaw

Opening Reception: 12/11 4:30-7pm
Response Readings and Performances: 12/12 7-9pm
The Embeded Flaw, The Betty Rymer Gallery, 280 S. Columbus Dr, Chicago, IL

December 10

Sportmax SoHo
450 West Broadway
New York, NY 10013

Andrea Miller of Gallim Dance invited us to perform at SPORTMAX SoHo in conjunction with a sound installation by Sebastien Agneessens and Kyle Fischer.

"When Sebastien Agneessens and Kyle Fischer, who are both artists and musicians, collaborated with Sportmax for a sound installation it was to highlight the value of ethno-diversity in a modern world defined by rapid globalization." - FashionWindows

In addition to a performance by Gallim Dance, we performed a piece titled Objects and Extensions

December 5

The Opportunity Shop - Hyde Park

As part of the festivities for Saturday's silent auction we did a durational performance for the first portion of the night.

Silent Auction: 12/5 Sat, from 6-10 p.m.

Exhibition Dates: 11/27 Fri - 12/31 Thu
Visitor hours: 11am-7pm, Thu-Sun, Evenings, coinciding with events.

November 27

The Opportunity Shop - Hyde Park

Opening reception: 11/27 Fri, from 6-10 p.m.

This is a group exhibition including our new video installation Balancing, Levitating, Opening

"This opportunity shop located at 1613 E. 55th Street is a short term, spontaneous pilot project for what we hope will become a series of exhibitions taking place in spaces in transition throughout Hyde Park and the south side of Chicago. By using vacant spaces with the cooperation of the owners for exhibitions, we can economize on overhead and also bring attention to unused urban space." -Home Gallery

Silent Auction: 12/5 Sat from 6-10 p.m
Closing party: 12/31 Thu from 6-10 p.m.
Dates: 11/27 Fri - 12/31 Thu
Visitor hours: 11am-7pm, Thu-Sun, Evenings, coinciding with events.

November 20, 22

We performed a piece called Negotiations on Friday Nov 20 (just before 7pm) outside of the Chicago Cultural Center for the New Blood III Performance Festival. The three-evening festival featured new performances by School of the Art Institute of Chicago students who blur the boundaries between theater, movement, and the visual arts.

We also performed a durational piece, Peripheral Presence, in collaboration with Stephanie Bailey, on Sunday Nov 22 at 6pm in the Chicago Cultural Center.

October 1

Excerpts of our video work were on TV this past week for the Illinois Filmmakers Documentary and can be viewed online here. Our interview and work is about 30 minutes into the program.

September 17

Michael Fleming was awarded the Jacob K. Javits Fellowship for Studio Arts.

June 28- July 12

Alan Fleming was awarded the Professional Advancement Award in Dance from The School at Jacob's Pillow where he participated in the Cultural Traditions Program: The Hip Hop Continuum.

June 14 - July 4

Body Moving
A three week series of performance and movement workshops
at the Ox-Bow School of Art
Led by Alan and Michael Fleming (Artists in Residence)

Class 1: Phenomenology of Play
Class 2: Intuitive Collaboration
Class 3: Dancing Dancing Dancing

May 23

Guerrilla Performance at A Show for Buchanan as part of the "Unsanctioned" Arts festival in Buchanan, MI

April 23, 24

The Walk + SAIC BFA Fashion Show
Sullivan Galleries
33 S. State Street, 7th Floor, Chicago, IL

We performed a new work titled "Measurements" at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago BFA Fashion Show and THE WALK: An Extraordinary Evening of Fashion + Art Honoring Maria Pinto, as part of a series of curated performance interruptions throughout the events.

$75 -Tickets available starting March 23rd

April 25

Public performance for Version Fest 09
Tennis Courts, McGuane Park
29th & Halsted, Chicago, IL

We performed in Millie Kapp and Isabella Ng's piece "a bob ross song, an orsen welles trick" for Version Fest 09. Isabella Ng and Millie Kapp investigate the performative capabilities of the Tennis Court on 29th and Halsted, examining how this space in particular operates as a highly theatrical platform with physical directives, divisions, and information embedded in the space. Using six live bodies, they will investigate the idea of the “magic show” as the ultimate performative illusion.

March 28

curated by Jean Kang
SATURDAY, MARCH 28, 2009, 2-8 PM


446 E. ONTARIO, APT 3010

March 14

Depressing Ass Work

8-10pm, Saturday March 14th
257 N Henry # 3
Greenpoint, Brooklyn
$8 tickets

Night of live performance by Michael and Alan Fleming, Marissa Perel, Lyndsey Karr and Chryssa Tsampazi.

2008 RECAP

November 7-9

New Blood II
Friday November 7 & Saturday November 8, 9pm
Sunday November 9, 7pm

This second annual event features new time-based works by School of the Art Institute of Chicago students that blur the boundaries between theatre, movement, audio, video, and the visual arts. Performances at Links Hall begin at 9pm Friday and Saturday, following the opening of an exhibition of 60 SAIC undergraduate students' work at Sullivan Galleries, 33 S. State Street, 7th floor.

We will be presenting a performance called "Configurations" on Saturday at 9pm and will also be performing in a group piece on Sunday at 7pm called "The Body Parlor" created by James Kubie and Katrina Erickson .

October 10

We will be involved in an exclusive group show at the Foundry Art Centre in St. Charles, Missouri titled "International Video". This is an exhibition of international video work by the three winners of the 2006 "Group 3 Award". We won this award in 2006 for our video "Defining the Frame". The opening will be Friday October 10, 2008: 6-9pm in Gallery III of the Foundry Art Centre.

June 4-6

This summer we went to Glasgow, Scotland to participate in a live art/performance project called "Here Now, There Now " which included text works and performances that explore the space between departure and destination. Devised by Pernille Spence, Here Now, There Now is the culmination of a Scottish Arts Council Creative Scotland Award 2006. The festival consisted of three days of continuous performance and alterations of the landscape by several different artists. The only real "audience" was the passengers on the train so that the performances themselves had to be experienced as scattered moments during travel. More information about this project can be found on the website as well as a documentary about the project coming soon.

We were invited out to participate as performers in Anthony Schrag's performance concept for this project. It was wonderful to go back to Scotland and see old friends.

June 7

The day after the "Here Now, There Now " project there was also a performance/live art symposium at InterMedia in The Center for Contemporary Arts Glasgow titled "its not hard (to say goodbye)". At this symposium we presented "Movement Piece #2", a continuation of a site-specific piece we performed in Chicago last fall. This symposium was in conjunction with a release party for Anthony Schrag's new live art publication:

"For six months, artist Anthony Schrag has been toiling away on a wee publication that looks at Live Art in all its various forms, its beautiful functions and its ugly conundrums. Including writers such as John Calutt, Ruth Barker, and Mary Patterson (to name but a few!) the book takes its inspiration from the programme of eight live art experiments Anthony curated at InterMedia in 2007 (entitled “its not hard”), and looks backwards at these works, examining them and the genre as a whole, but also looks at current critical dialogues, the structures that are needed for support and future exciting projects."

May 10-17

Our video "Vertical Tactics" was shown as part of the screening series "The Show Starts on the Sidewalk", part of the "Interrupt! Intervene! Art as Social Practice" conference at UC Santa Cruz (taking place May 15-17 2008). "The Show Starts on the Sidewalk" featured work that either documented public intervention or was an intervention in itself. Screenings took place in outdoor locations in public places in San Francisco, San Jose, and Santa Cruz. These films considered relational aesthetics, interventions, Situationist practices and Fluxus style events.

February 28-March 22-

The CSV Cultural Center in New York recently presented our work in the "URBANSPACE" photo exhibition. "URBANSPACE" is a photographic project distributed in the agile form of a multimedia projection. Focusing on the aesthetics of large urban centers as a theme, URBANSPACE unites internationally selected works and is hosted in the virtual galleries of WOOLOO.ORG. CSV is at 107 Suffolk Street, New York, NY 10002.

The first edition of "URBANSPACE" (2007)--a projection of 530 images from over 23 countries-- premiered in Rio de Janeiro at the media arts foundation, Oi Futuro. Simultaneous projections were also made in New Life Shop, the Berlin headquarters of WOOLOO.ORG. These projections have since been screened in ECCO during Brasilia's FotoArte, Sao Paulo's Galeria Vermelho, as well as showings during Fotopub07 in Slovenia.

January 2-9-

Great news to report for January, our video series"At Rest: The Body in Architecture" won an award at an International festival! We won the "performing" section of the International Festival of Cinematography “Kinolevchyk Festival” at the Idea Museum in Lviv, Ukraine.

January 13-

Our video "Untitled" (AKA the balance video) was shown in the 8th Annual T-10 Video Festival at the interdisciplinary arts space 21 Grand in Oakland, CA.

2007 RECAP

Our video "Defining the Frame" was shown during the “DRIP Film and Video Festival” in the fall of 2007 in California, Virginia, New York and Illinois. The festival had its first screening at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York on September 5th.

DRIP is an annual festival of student video, animation, film and moving-image work selected from submissions from the undergraduates of California College of the Arts, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, The School of Art+Design at the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) and the School of the Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University. Guest curator Steve Seid (Pacific Film Archive) has selected 60 minutes of work.

From October 26-November 19 we were in Glasgow, Scotland making art and visiting Jess Ferrone. We planned to treat our time there like a DIY artist residency, which ended up working out very well. We met up with a live art/performance artist named Anthony Schrag who was very generous and allowed us to use his artist residency space at CCA:The Center for Contemporary Art. We got to meet some really great people and see some really great art while we were there. We did some collaborative work with Anthony and on our own. We also had time to play around the city a lot and see some amazing things. We will be posting new video work and possibly some photographs over the next month. It was a great trip and very productive.

On October 12 we presented a collaborative performance with Thomas Albrecht titled "Believe Don't" at "Time and Again: A Night of Events". It was a one night exhibition of live performance and multi-media art at the The Springer Cultural Center in Champaign, IL. Images can be seen in the performance section.

On October 6-7 we presented a live performance titled "Movement Piece # 1" as part of the "Industrial Corridors: Empty Lot Performance Project" in Chicago. Live theatre, dance, and performances designed to take place in vacant and abandoned lots, parks, parking lots, and other outdoor, undeveloped spaces around the city of Chicago.

This summer our work was shown at the “URBAN SPACE” exhibition as part of FotoRio 2007. The work was projected outside on buildings and was shown at both Oi Futuro in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and New Life Shop in Berlin, Germany.

Our video "At Rest: The Body in Architecture" was shown at the “Architectural Film Fest” organized by BLDGBLOG and Materials & Applications as part of the "Silver Lake Film Festival" at The Wind Tunnel in Pasadena, CA. The festival took place on May 22nd, 2007.

In March we presented our senior thesis exhibition titled “Spatial Interventions”. It was installed in The Atrium of Temple Buell Hall at UIUC, Champaign, IL. The show ran from March 26-April 6, 2007 and was a huge success. Many friends and family members were there to see what we have been up to over the past few years. Thank you to everyone who came out to support us.


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